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VISIT/TOUR THE N/S SAVANNAH - The U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) has ultimate license responsibility for access control to the N/S SAVANNAH and the ship is not currently open to the public (i.e., regulat visiting hours). However, MARAD's Savannah Technical Support (STS) group can grant access to the ship and provide escorted tours for groups and individuals. Consequently, all visits and tour requests should be directed to the MARAD STS group. Click on the MARAD website Frequently Asked Questions where this subject is covered. If the N/S SAVANNAH Association support is required for the visit or tour, MARAD will coordinate this.

PUBLIC, MEDIA & GOVERNMENT INQUIRIES - the MARAD Contact Us web page provides specific guidance for such inquiries.

RESTORATION PROGRAMS - For information on the Savannah preservation and restoration programs and how you can support them, click on the N/S SAVANNAH Association website.
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