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All photographs in our photo gallery are organized into the categories (albums) listed below. Click on any album to view its photographs individually or in a slide show. You may also move from album to album using the drop-down menu found at the top of any album’s page.

This section is reserved for the memories and photographs of the Savannah alumni and friends who are dues-paying members of the N/S Savannah Association, Inc.,an organization dedicated to the preservation of this historic landmark. Please use the Contact Us form to let us know what you have. Each photo used will, of course, credit the individual submitting the photo.

Some of the larger albums may be slow to load - give it a moment please!
  • Artifacts & Souvenirs Updated 07 Oct 2008.- If this website displayed only one individual's collection of NS Savannah artifacts and souvenirs, it would be unfair to the many collectors who have spent years on this most worthwhile hobby. To show everyones collections would take more than this website could handle as well as being BORING. This album displays the best photograph of each NS Savannah artifact or souvenir that has been located so all collectors know what they need to look for when surfing internet auction sites.
  • Ads, Brochures, Postcards, etc. All things paper
  • Design George G Sharp Inc. and their concepts
  • In and around the ship The ship as seen by the crew and passengers
  • Legacy Vessels The nuclear ships that followed the NS Savannah
  • General
  • Nuclear Core
  • Public Spaces
  • Savannah Crew
  • 50th Anniversary - Keel Laying
  • Voyages/Ports of Call - We are looking for good, crisp, high resolution images that were taken during the Savannah's voyages around the world. These photos should be unique to the port (e.g., the ship is surrounded by pleasure craft or bum boats, or anchored/tied up against a backdrop of hills, cliffs, mountain ranges, or the city). We don't need multiple photos that just show the broadside of the Savannah at a pier "somewhere."

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